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Hilal Dance Week 2018


Hilal Dance Week 2018 - 15th  of July - 21st of July Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

Hilal Dance Week is a fantastic opportunity for an inspirational course of dancing and training with Suraya Hilal and Alessandro Bascioni. We welcome people from all backgrounds and different abilities, especially new comers.

Programme events for the week

  • Daily sessions begin with the wonderful Hilal Dance Bodywork (holistic integrating, aligning, relaxing and strengthening exercises accompanied by special breathing).
  • Live music and rhythm accompaniment in the dance lessons...
  • Lectures and discussions on the dance theory, cultural links, and music
  • a performance platform
  • A live music concert to end the week in celebration
  • Lunch and dinner in the Tanzhaus Bistro, "The Place"
  • A good opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world, and to spend time with friends.

Cost of Hilal Dance Week 2018

The cost of the week includes dance sessions, lectures, hotel, lunch and dinner. (the 15th July includes afternoon session and dinner only).

Room Single Double Triple
Standard Rate € 1170 € 1000 € 960
Student Rate € 1120 € 950 € 910

A deposit of €350 is required to secure your place. Once you have applied, we will send you information on how to pay.

Travel Days

Arrive on the morning of the 15th July
Depart on the morning of 22nd July

Participants are asked to travel on the morning of the 15th July. Our activities begin with relaxing bodywork from 4.30-6.30 pm, before dinner. Departure on the 22nd in the morning.

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