Hilal School

Hilal Art Association

Hilal Art Association was formed to serve as a support organisation for Hilal Dance®

The Association aims to help develop better understanding and awareness of Hilal Dance, its ethos and cultural roots.

  • To support the creative work of Suraya Hilal and Alessandro Bascioni
  • To help train teachers and dancers to levels of professional expertise, and to provide the Hilal Dance Diplomas
  • To provide acknowledgment and support of Hilal Dance teachers
  • To encourage and develop the Hilal Dance schools and communities
  • To establish a centre of expertise, information, resources, communication for dancers, teachers and the dance communities
  • To give more opportunities for collaboration with international artists from different cultures and to promote cross cultural exchange.

Hilal Dance Diplomas

The Hilal Dance Diplomas are awarded to dancers and teachers who have reached a level of expertise through their training in the professional Course, in other courses and meeting the required qualifications for graduation.

The Professional is a special programme that caters for the dancer’s personal and professional development in Hilal Dance and nurtures their practice and understanding of dance and its culture.

It is practice-based, that means your learning is fostered through the actual dancing and through an apprenticeship environment. There is also a strong element of theory where research, writing and communication skills are required in all the relevant areas of dance such as analysis, music understanding and history, cultural background of dance traditions, pedagogy of teaching, choreography and knowledge of eastern body disciplines. The programme work is directed by modules which are used as a vehicle for learning and working in a cyclic mode to cover all elements of dance training and knowledge including the foundation and core movement concepts.


Associates are people affiliated with and acknowledged by the Hilal Art Association for the valuable work they do in their communities. They lead their own groups, organise workshops for qualified teachers and enhance the knowledge and teaching of Hilal Dance in their areas. Associates also continue to train in Hilal Dance by attending workshops and courses given in different cities and countries.