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Burning Lands... "Questa pièce, di grande valore teatrale e originalità coreografica, non dà risposte, né suggerisce risoluzioni, ma piuttosto mostra allo spettatore uno scorcio di vita nella sua più nuda e cruda realtà, che senza mezzi termini e ipocrisie ti travolge e non ti molla." DanzaSi 2015

Iskandar Dance Company’s powerful A’nour, premiered at Tanzhaus nrw, is inspired by and celebrates the atmosphere of the Moulid: Egyptian Festivals that commemorate Saints and Prophets.
Rheineiche Post 2011
[Iskandar Dance Co.] "The unique qualities of this dance is impressive...they perform as one living breathing unit."
The Metro 2008 K.Watson
"A spiritual dance piece..."
The evening standard, London 2007
[Iskandar Dance Co.] "... Alessandro Bascioni the enigmatic lead dancer shows through his choreography an appreciation of the dimension of his stage and produces dances which although they repeat are rarely repetitive. A well hour spent at Sadler's Wells".
Dancing Time Magazine Gerald Dawler 2007
"The general timbre of the piece is more meditative than in most contemporary chorography..."
The Metro 2007
"Iskandar Dance Company, move in perfect synchronicity on the stage at the International Dance Festival of Karlsruhe. In the piece El Saqiyeh choreographer Alessandro Bascioni connects elements of modernity with tradition,-.together with the dancers and accompanied by the percussionist Ibrahim el Minyawi, Alessandro creates beautiful archetypal images."
Inka-Stadtmagazine, November 2006
El Saqiyeh...."Shows the vitality of pure dance."
(La Tribune de Bruxelles)
On Alessandro Bascioni in El Saqiyeh..."A compelling performance"
(Westdeusche Zeitung)" March 06

[Iskandar Dance Co.] "Steps are so smooth they look like they' are gliding"
The List Edinburgh Festival

[Iskandar Dance Company] – Glide across the floor, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down – distinguishing one section from another... "Mesmerising." British Theatre Guide, Peter Lathan Edinburgh Festival

[Iskandar Dance Company] "Wearing long sweeping dresses they whirl and twirl in a delicious display to North African Rhythm" The Scotsman, Kelly Apter August 2006
"Iskandar Dance Company’s El Saqiyeh is slow and flowing. The dancers have a soft, bouncy weight as they take small galloping steps, their jiggling shoulders and upheld arms light and calm as their silken skirts whirl around their ankles".
The Stage Edinburgh, Katie Philips August 2006
"It was the sense of freedom which ran through Iskandar Dance Company's beautiful El Saqiyeh, which translates as "the Waterwheel". Pastoral, serene, it reflects the ebb and the flow of the waters of the Nile, the daily toil of the Egyptian farmer, the continual cycle of life. Three dancer, (Alessandro Bascioni, Alaitz Arregi, Claudia Weitzman) breezes onto the stage, dancing in unison, encircling one another, weaving in and out. The quality of the dancing is like no other - a joyful bounce which is matched by the longs tunic worn by the dancers which billow outwards giving a wonderful sense of harmony between costume, dance and music."
Ballet Magazine, Ian Palmer
"Iskandar Dance are able to appreciate the grace and the serenity of the three performers as they dip and sway in time to the shifting rhythms of traditional music. There is a meditative subtlety in what the choreographer Alessandro Bascioni and his fellow dancers achieve with their slow undulating movements – gentle rippling of the shoulder, softly busy little barefoot steps, the spiralling turns that cause their long silken robes to bell out as if caught by passing breeze on the Nile. "El Saqiyeh (it translates as the Waterwheel) is like an oasis of restorative calm."
The Herald, August 2006 Mary Brennan

"In Aseel a duo performed by Hilal and Alessandro Bascioni ... the pair created what might perhaps be called harmony at a distance. The contact between the two remained limited to the eyes throughout, their bodies never touching. But the movements of the woman mirrored those of the man and vice versa, an unaffected, joyful cooperation evolved, no game of contradictions pressing for resolution".
Westdeutsche Zeitung 28.02.05 Klaus Schmidt

In Aseel - "Hilal and Bascioni...elegant double forms; supreme ease paired with discreet sensuality." Rheinische Post 28.02.04 G. Pölert

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