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Burning Lands - Current Production

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Burning Lands, Alessandro Bascioni’s new and daring production is about humanity and the earth; the inner human existential condition which ultimately reflects in the outer world as turmoil, war and the struggle for earth’s survival. This dramatic journey takes us to uncomfortable places, challenging our perceptions and blurring the boundaries between our inner self and the outside reality. The choreography unfolds in a tangible representation of complex aspects of our mind, our unconscious and our emotionality which is not easily comprehended with our simple rational faculties. The evocative imagery will confuse and amuse, and yet, directs our fascination to the work’s beauty, spirituality and the ultimate human search to restore balance.

Burning Lands / Video

El Hourria (Freedom) 2012

Tanzhaus nrw

Alessandro Bascioni’s new piece brings forth a strong portrayal of the topical events surrounding the Tunisian Revolution. Making use of multimedia and dance theatre, the evocative choreography dramatises the desire to end oppression through a cry for freedom that touches all humanity. The dancers explore this theme with strong suspended movements configured in clear geometrical lines and lunges describing held-in tension which adds to the sense of desperation and strife within the eruptions and culminations. Stretching the emotions to a point of pathos, a dancer personifies Woman which also symbolises the mother country with all the pain and anguish of its people.

A’Nour, 2011

Premiere: March 2011 , Dusseldorf, Tanzhaus.

A’ Nour, (the Arab word for “Light”) epitomizes the cycle of opposing forces of shadow and light. This powerful piece, takes a bold choreographic direction into the Sha’abi world of the Sufi devotional dance and animistic trance rituals. In an evocative atmosphere of chants and incense, the dancers step and sway, driven with the roaring sounds of the drums. Displaying an array of intense frenzied yet, centred movement, the piece culminates into dramatic release and reconnection to the Divine.

Alessandro Bascioni is accompanied by four outstanding dancers, the renowned percussionist Ibrahim el Minyawi and two excellent drummers. They come together in a high impact performance, illuminating the raw core of the dance and embracing the soul’s journey from the dark to the light, showing an underlying sense of power through unity, energetic balance of both control and surrender.

Choreography, Artistic Direction, Costumes by Alessandro Bascioni
Dancers: Alessandro Bascioni, Alaitz Arregi, Francesca di Ieso, Giorgia Mariani, Mirella Maciariello
Percussionist: Ibrahim el Minyawi, Wassim Halal, Paolo Veronica
Light Design: André Schroder, A. Bascioni

Iskandar Dance Company’s powerful A’nour, premiered at Tanzhaus nrw, is inspired by and celebrates the atmosphere of the Moulid: Egyptian Festivals that commemorate Saints and Prophets.
Rheineiche Post 2011


Becoming, 2009

Premiere: July 2009, Dusseldorf, Tanzhaus.

In Becoming, choreographer Alessandro Bascioni combines theatre and dance with idiosyncratic fluid and dramatic movement expression.

The piece plays with imaginative figures, vivid personae that communicate a strong synergy in a dreamlike world. Becoming is the process by which all beings search for sense of completeness, that is; an inherent desire in all beings to live, to grow, to change and to become. The veiled figure symbolises the dimension of the dream, the intuition of the creative process of becoming. The perpetual flow of all the things from nothing to being and from the being to the nothing...

Choreography, Artistic Direction, Costumes by Alessandro Bascioni
Dancers: Alessandro Bascioni, Francesca di Ieso, Mirella Maciariello
Music Composition: Faruq Mohamed Hassan
Light Design: André Schroder, A. Bascioni

Becoming / Video

Awakening, 2008

Premiere: February 2008, Birmingham, The Drum Theatre,

Awakening delves into the traces of memory and hidden emotion, found in the diverse phases of the human condition such as vulnerability and solitude.

The piece unfolds through a searching, driving force weaving patterns that shift and spiral like the flow of destiny, finally finding resolution in a gentle awakening of a new consciousness.

Choreography, Artistic Direction, Costumes by Alessandro Bascioni
Dancers: Alessandro Bascioni, Alaitz Arregui Sudupe, Francesca di Ieso, Sarah Hamilton,
Music composition: Mohamed Abdul Haab
Lights Design: Stephan Reid

Awakening / Video

El Saqiyeh, 2006

Premiere: March 2006, Dusseldorf, Tanzhaus nrw

Celebrates the powerful integration of Sha’abi (traditional folk), contemporary dance and theatre, through the progressive form of Hilal Dance.

El Saqiyeh, meaning "The Waterwheel" symbolizes the cycles and continuity of life and connection to the earth depicting people in everyday life. The dancers speak a tale of unity and cohesion with a spiralling language of physically carved calligraphy that gracefully traverses the space revealing pure movement aesthetic, serenity and soul.

The piece is set for three dancers and the renowned percussionist, Ibrahim El Minyawi with the rich music of Les Musiciens du Nil. These performers come together in intricate play of movement, melody and rhythms, showing an underlying sense of power through unity; energetic balance of both control and surrender.

Choreography, Artistic Direction, Costumes by Alessandro Bascioni
Dancers: Alessandro Bascioni, Alaitz Arregui Sudupe, Andrea Baumann, (Claudia Weitzmann untill 2006)
Live Percussions: Ibrahim el Minyawi,
Music Composition: Les Musiciens du Nile
Lights Design: Stephean Reid

El Saqiyeh / Video