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DVD The new work of Alessandro Bascioni

El Saqiyeh DVDA’nour, the Arab word for “Light” epitomizes the cycle of opposing forces of shadow and light. This powerful piece, takes a bold choreographic direction into the Sha’abi world of the Sufi devotional dance and animistic trance rituals. In an evocative atmosphere of chants and incense, the dancers step and sway, driven with the roaring sounds of the drums. Displaying an array of intense frenzied yet, cantered movement, the piece culminates into dramatic release and reconnection to the Divine.

Alessandro Bascioni is accompanied by four outstanding dancers, the renowned percussionist Ibrahim el Minyawi and two excellent drummers. They come together in a high impact performance, illuminating the raw core of the dance and embracing the soul’s journey from the dark to the light, showing an underlying sense of power through unity and an energetic balance of both control and surrender.

© Production & Copyright 2011: Alessandro Bascioni

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El Saqiyeh
The Waterwheel

DVDNew work by Alessandro el Bascioni, 2006

El Saqiyeh DVD El Saqiyeh, the Waterwheel, is a symbol of the cycle and continuity of rural life and connection to the land. In this work El Bascioni, explores the mapping out of the ebb and flow of a daily life. The dancers tell a tale of unity cohesion with a spiralling language curved gracefully through space, simultaneously revealing pure dance and archetypal images of Upper Egypt.

© Iskandar Dance Company 2006

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The Authentic Moment DVD

New work by the Suraya Hilal Dance Company 2004-2005

Aseel Video Suraya Hilal's new work draws inspiration from the authentic moment, al Aseel in Baladi, Egypt's urban tradition of music and dance. Alessandro el Bascioni and three expert musicians, the master percussionist Ilbrahim el Minyawi, his son Ali and the accomplished accordionist El Gamal, accompany Suraya Hilal in this programme. Performances include: A'ridth (Wide and Deep); Ibn el Balad (Son of the Country); Khud w'hat (Give and Take); Musical Interlude; Baladi Aseel.

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Al Janub (The South) DVD

Suraya Hilal Dance Company 2002

Aseel Video Suraya Hilal’s work Al Janub is a coherent integration of movement, music and archetypal imagery, a new meaning and a contemporary presence to Egypt’s Upper Egyptian rural dance traditions. Suraya Hilal and her company of dancers are joined by the legendary musicians, Mohamad Murad, Elhami Murad, and the master percussionist, Ibrahim el Minyawi.

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Spirit of the Heart DVD

Suraya Hilal with Ruh el Fuad and the Baladi Ensemble 1997

Aseel Video Suraya Hilal’s group of artist here form a powerful core for her work in "Spirit of the Heart". The piece came together in a formidable union of voice, music, movements, colour, line, geometry. Unity was the key in all these elements. Hilal found new ways of moving the known traditional into unknown and unexplored territories. At the same time, her work is a celebration of the Baladi form, where she is joined by the great Baladi singer, Ruh el Fuad and an excellent group of musicians. Ancient and modern, urban and rural, Islamic-Sufi, Pharaonic and universal; all interweave within the complex yet simple art of Baladi.

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The Beloved Egyptian music CD

Suraya Hilal and the Layali El Sharq Ensemble presents music for Divine Rites

he Beloved Egyptian musicThe Beloved contains some of the best Sharqi music of the 50's and 60's. These pieces written by the great composers Farid Al Atrash and Mohammed Abdel Wahab reflect the musical development of Sharqi music in this period. More Information >>

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