Suraya Hilal’s vision is to promote and spread the dance as an artistic and cultural experience capable of enhancing the free expression and the psychophysical wellbeing of every person.
To dance is to become aware of our bodies and our selves, expanding our emotional and creative abilities in a way that contributes to our lives and the shared experience with others.

Developing in parallel to her performance career, teaching has become stronger and more prevalent in her work. What is rewarding for her, is to see how the individual grows through dance, transforming into a more integrated and expressive person. Employing the powerful grounding and breathing practice of dance, the student from the very beginning, moves with a better sense of connectivity and freedom.

Suraya believes that body awareness and the sensation of movement is primary within the process of learning technique. One is encouraged to discover the quality of the movement, which varies according to the energy and the emotions experienced, linking closely to the space, music, rhythm and the overall energy of the group. With her method, the students are encouraged to learn how to observe and move instinctively; finding their own individuality and expressivity through improvisation and composition.

The teaching focuses on:

  • A complete bodywork with breathing and yoga based practice promoting flexibility, posture strength and centring;
  • Hilal Dance concepts for grounding and moving through space;
  • Footwork and rhythm;
  • Working in silence with shapes and sequences;
  • Composition with music;
  • Partner work;
  • Presence and energy work;
  • Improvisation.

Suraya’s Hilal offers, weekly courses, residentials, thematic labs and workshops, intensives and professional Courses internationally.

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