Brussels Workshop Impression by Maya Sapera

Suraya Hilal is a woman, that any dancer from any style should meet at least once in his career. I had the chance to meet her this weekend during her workshop organized by Geraldine Cloes and Niki Constantinidou. I was mesmerized by the fact that in four hours time she made people from all levels and all ages walk with presence, which is in fact the essence of dance. From what I could observe, she obtained this with her holistic approach to dance, Hilal Dance which she developed from Middle Eastern and African roots and her personal research. Hats off to Suraya, because this is one of the most difficult aspects of dance to teach. Some even say it is not possible.
Moreover everyone returned home happy and fulfilled after having been taught eight hours by this beautiful lady.

The good news is that she is coming back and the lovely Niki Constantinidou will teach in her absence. Since Suraya inspired me, I felt I had to share this with you.
Maya Sapera