If you are interested in exploring a new, expressive dance that draws on beautiful world cultures, movements and music, you’ll love learning Hilal Dance. It’s for everyone, regardless of age, background or exprerience. Hilal Dance can help you discover new ways to move to music, to ground you, and help you to feel in tune with your body. Come and try something new and invigorating, and meet some wonderful people too.

Our workshops and courses create an harmonious atmosphere which capture the pure energy of what everyone loves about dance. The holistic training provides an integration of the body that results in the student feeling a sense of joy and freedom in moving.  With strong rhythmic and fluid movement accompanied by music, the student learns how to structure and improvise, allowing them to move with ease and grace while expressing their own individuality..

Our work promotes a unique teaching method presented in  classes and courses, thematic Labs and workshops, residential courses, professionals,  master classes and lecture demonstrations. The course of learning is practiced at various levels, from beginner to professional and are open to all dancers both male and female, all ages and background. Hilal Dance has a major international presence that reaches out  to many types of people and cultures of the world,  particularly, in Europe and Australia. We also welcome proposals from schools, universities, workshop residency organisers  and could be tailored on a case-by-case basis. 

Workshops, courses, laboratories and performances will be listed on our Events page

Goals of the teaching

Provides the training for integrating the body, which gives the dancer the confidence to move with ease and power.

Provides the training of Breath work that leads to body awareness and a feeling of vitality and wellbeing.

Provides the training through alignment and shifting the weight resulting in grounding the body in all movement

Promotes freedom of expression by exploring the spontaneous musicality of the body through a clear geometry of
line both fluid and rhythmic creating a whole expression that is both abstract and emotional.

Learning through the concept  of repetition and improvisation,

Deeper learning objectives

The inspiration and philosophy of the “harmony of opposites” e.g. East / West, light /dark, yin/ yang. is guided by the search for a point of balance through the modulation of the energy.
The importance of centrality guided by the breath and finding presence through inner movement that expands outward through space.
Development of choreographic and improvisational skills and musical expression with the understanding of rhythmic and  melodic structures.
Developing the skills of theatrical expression.
Deeper understanding and practice of the breathing in the yoga-based Hilal Bodywork, which can be conducted as  a class  on its own.
Mentoring and apprenticeship training for teachers. (This is by personal appointment.)

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