"A new way to look at dance movement, as an expressive freedom through energetic channels."
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Our Story

Hilal Dance is the art-dance based on the creative, theatrical and educational work of Suraya Hilal.  Drawing upon her extensive research of many years, she has created a contemporary dance founded on a complete and holistic system of movement that resonates on many levels and traverses cultural boundaries. Its roots lie in the integration of eastern and western elements, intrinsically merged to produce a coherent and universal language.

Alessandro Bascioni and Suraya Hilal have shared a dynamic collaboration for many years from the inception of Hilal Dance; working with parallel vision complementing each other throughout the creative process. Alessandro’s didactic and choreographic research work has brought forth an expansion and progression of the fundamental concepts of the idiom by focusing on presence, relationship dynamic, gestures and enhancing the natural human expression within a dramatic and theatrical context.

The movement concepts of the dance develop in the body across horizontal, vertical and concentric lines that interweave in space and time. The vocabulary has a logical and distinctive approach based on the body’s natural dynamics that work with gravity, shifting the weight and harnessing the energy, promoting connectivity with lyrical and dramatic expressions.

Hilal Dance, ultimately, captures the pure energy of what everyone loves about dance. It combines the joy and freedom of movement, with the refinement of line and expression.  With its strong rhythmic and fluid movement, and subtle textures, the dance promotes integrated body alignment, fitness, flexibility and a complete union of body and mind.

This dance is taught in diverse contexts; from schools to social events in the community, without limitation of age, physical ability, social status or ethnicity.  Its idiom is understood as an artistic and creative experience, promoting the capacity in every person to communicate through expression.

Hilal Dance, (…) the movements appear organic, fluid and elegant. 
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