Iskandar Dance Company

Iskandar Dance Company

Iskandar Dance Company is distinguished for its strong and singular aesthetic line and purity of movement drawn from a musical, emotional and human expression. The choreographies delve into the different stages of consciousness expressing points of transition between theatre and movement.

The Company works with music and rhythm that are intrinsically connected to the musicality of the body portraying the dance at its core; a cultural tradition reinterpreted as an integrated contemporary expression.

Iskandar Dance Company formed in 2005, is a vibrant company that promotes excellent high quality dance that moves and inspires. The company, led by Artistic Director Alessandro Bascioni, makes exceptional critically acclaimed productions that tour internationally. Iskandar Dance Company believes dance has the power to transform and to bring people to a new awareness of themselves and the world; dissolving cultural and generational boundaries. This is achieved through their performances in theatres and unusual spaces.

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"The quality of the dancing is like no other…"
Ballet Magazine

The main productions are:

  • Burning Lands (2014)
  • El Hourria (2012)
  • A’Nour (2011)
  • Becoming (2009-2011)
  • Memory
  • Awakening (2008-2009)
  • El Saqiyeh (2006- 2008)

Among some of the festivals and theatres are:

  • The Edinburgh Festival
  • Kulturhaus, Switzerland
  • International Dance Festival Karlsruhe
  • Dance Base (National Dance centre for Scotland)
  • CCA (Centre Culturelle Arabe) Brussels
  • The Drum Auditorium, Birmingham
  • Sadler’s Wells London’s Dance House
  • IMA (Institute du Monde Arabe)
  • Teatro delle Erbe, Milan
  • Kultur-Zentrum, Karlsrueh
  • Rotebuhl Theatre Stuttgart
  • Tabacco Factory Theatre Bristol
  • Tanzhaus nrw, Dusseldorf
  • Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica, Roma

Present and future development:

Alessandro’s latest work "Becoming" has made a shift in his choreography with the strong elements of theatrical dramatisation the use movement/gesture and line also employing the skills an actress. Bascioni is planning to continue in this exciting way; working with other dancers, actors and musicians.