Gotheburgh Lab/Dance Impression by Veronika Golubinskaya

I really liked the workshop with Alessandro a lot! And I think that Alessandro is a very friendly and respectful teacher, he doesn’t dominate, but just lets you be yourself and try your best. The dance is so beautiful, but it is also challenging and inspiring. The movements feel very natural and “organic”, and they make sense even for those who don’t have much experience in this kind of dance (I am one of them), and it is a very pleasant feeling in the body after the training. Even when it comes to learning choreography, it still gives a lovely feeling of freedom as this dance let you fix your errors by improvising without feeling yourself a looser, which is very important in a group of participants with different dancing background and experience. I felt that I could connect with choreography and even suddenly noticed that I am trying to express my own emotions in the dance which was surprising and fun. Thank you, Alessandro Bascioni.

Veronika Golubinskaya