Alessandro Bascioni believes that dance education has the power to transform the person and to bring people to a new awareness of themselves dissolving cultural and generational boundaries. His dance teaching is understood as a body practice as well as an artistic and creative experience encouraging the ability in every person to communicate through expression. He aims particularly, to guide the students to learn and discover how to use the movement as a way to communicate and discover its quality which varies according to the emotion and sensation provoked. He encourages the awareness of the movement expression; not just teaching steps. Teaching, for Alessandro means realising and sharing emotional experiences, both creative and relational to promote a balanced development of the person as a whole. His methodology can be defined as the art of using movement to express and to communicate where the student is encouraged to develop the skills in listening, observing and analysing: thus becoming the interpreter of his own experience.

The teaching focuses on:

  • Bodywork and Breath practice: body awareness, integration and concepts of Hilal Dance
  • Grounding alignments
  • The use of space
  • Compositional tools
  • Partner work
  • Energies and flow in presence
  • Improvisation for generating movement
  • Personal and social development

Alongside his performances Alessandro has always conducted workshops and courses, in some of the following venues: Tanzhaus nrw, The Place London, Accademy de Wallonie Brussels, Micadances, Paris, Dance Base, (Scotland’s National Centre for Dance), and for two consecutive years at the College of the University of Western Sydney Dance School, and Wesley Institute Sydney, Australia.

Alessandro’s educational activities offer; weekly courses, residentials, thematic labs and workshops, for professionals, experienced and non-experienced dancers.

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