“Iskandar Dance Company has given life to unique creations that are capable of merging the different popular traditions with the aesthetic expressions of contemporary dance, using the simplicity of forms that belongs to a sophisticated technique that unites with a moving theatricality.” GBOPERA

Iskandar Company

Alessandro Bascioni’s company was founded in London, 2005. His choreographic work is distinguished for delving into the different stages of consciousness expressing points of transition between dance and theatre without superfluous elements; drawing from a musical, emotional and human expression.

Alessandro Bascioni believes dance has the power to transform and to bring people to a new awareness of themselves and the world, dissolving cultural and generational boundaries.

The Company, made its debut at Tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf in 2006, and through excellent dance, shows the immediacy of our human experience onto the stage. Overtime, the company has created a legacy of acclaimed work staged in well known theatres and international festivals such as; Sadlers Wells, London, Edinburgh Festival, IMA Paris and Treffpunkt Rotebül theatre, Stuttgart. The company also, uses unconventional spaces encompassing dance, theatre and video performance.

“The quality of the dancing is like no other…” Ballet Magazine

Some of the main works are: Compassion, Mecvm, Ascolto, Beyond the Mirror, Boundaries, Prayer, Burning Lands, El Hourria (Freedom), A’ Nour (A Light), Becoming, Awakening, Memories, The Waterwheel.