Workshop Impression by Fabio Pestoni

I wanted to write you the feed back of the seminar and my impressions.
They were two very intense days and I believe that the unknown factor in the composition of the group played an important role. Important because everyone brought their own originality and their own way of being. Since most of the group didn’t know what to expect he could not build a way of being, and so this brought more authenticity in behavior. There are limits and resources of everyone, which I think is important. You have been able to create unity in the group. You brought out the pleasure of moving and in a short time even more awareness about our body. Whether this was pleasing or not, people managed to go further.
Everyone has had the opportunity to express themselves as they are and I believe this has greatly influenced the feeling of being at ease and not making the “level” differences felt, meaning the ability to move one’s body.
An emotion that predominated and I felt palpable in the air was the joy mixed with curiosity, which everyone brought. I am convinced that this has characterized the quality of the seminar.
You brought out the best in you and were able to give everyone the opportunity to be without judgment and I am grateful for that. You have intrigued and motivated an art style that is clearly within everyone’s reach and everyone can access with their own way of being.
Even for those who already chew a little this art you have been able to give the opportunity to experiment and not to fall into the simple banal execution of an exercise.
The seminar was full of emotions and you also knew how to mark the times of the various phases at the right time; not prolonging and not shortening the various moments too much. In my opinion the punctual and synthetic explanations of the various exercises have been very appreciated and this has allowed to give motivation and more awareness has what was done.
One of your particularities in conducting is not to stop when an individual is expressing himself, even if technically it is not really on the “piece”, this has made the difference. I liked this because you gave the possibility not to run into the thought “oh God I’m doing wrong”, but you left the opportunity to be able to enter a learning process without covering your personality.

Personally I was able to enjoy the opportunity to enter more into the attitude of presence in space, in myself and in relation to the other; also trying to take more care of expressiveness (as far as I can do it). The presence pervaded me during the two days in a particular way, leaving no room for too many mentalizations.
I have experienced the exercise of the wave in a new way and with a new awareness, which I find essential to then tackle the dance part. The feeling was the one that allowed me to feel more unity in my body and therefore consequently to be able to move with more integration.
The title “body integration” I feel that deeply embodies what you propose.
For this seminar the only very personal criticism that I feel I can share, is perhaps a little more space for the earthly part alongside the music dictated by percussion. Even listening to the participants’ impressions the moment with percussion has been described as a magical and very pleasant and fundamental moment as a gateway to one’s own body.
Fabio Pestoni